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Services Offered

Computers and Hardware

Support for enterprises in the operation, management and maintenance of computer systems. Delivery of computers, software and peripheral devices.


Installation, configuration and support in using the software. Including Windows and Windows Server operating systems as well as other software at the customer's request.

Computer Networks

Construction, implementation and administration of computer networks. Structured cabling certification, active device configuration. Network management and maintenance.

Access Control

Design, installation, programming and maintenance of access control systems.

Electronic Signatures

Preparation, training and installation of qualified and unqualified electronic signatures for the purposes of ZUS, e-Deklaracje, e-KRS, etc.

CCTV monitoring

Installation of cameras and recorders, maintenance and management of CCTV systems.

IT Training

Training in the use of computers, computer software and implemented IT systems.

Implementation of the Płatnik Program

Installation, configuration, training, ongoing operation and maintenance of the Płatnik program along with a qualified electronic signature.

IT support for e-KRS reports

Assistance in the IT preparation and sending of financial statements to the e-KRS and KAS together with a qualified electronic signature.

Implementation of Office Systems

Installation and configuration of accounting, warehouse and invoicing software such as Sage Symfonia, CDN Optima, Asseco Wapro and others.

Dedicated Systems Implementation

Installation and configuration of non-standard software, created at the client's request.

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TABSoft focuses on quality, workmanship and attention to detail. That's why our kcomprehensive IT services for companies are second to none. We will meet all the needs of your company at a good price.

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Do you have an emergency? No problem, TABSoft will take care of it. We are immediately available to regular customers. In urgent situations even outside standard working hours.


Don't understand a solution or problem? Our specialists will answer all your questions.
After completing the service, we explain and, in the case of assembly orders, leave as-built documentation.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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